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History of Srouji Family



        Faro`n Faro`n is the great great grandfather of the Srouji

Family  and its founder.


        In 1570 a son was born to Faro`n in Khabab (Syria) to  whom he gave the

name of ABDULLA .


        Abdulla got married in Khabab in 1607 and he had a son who was named

after his grand father FARO`N.

Faro`n the second married in Khabab, and had four children:

1. Iskandar .

2. Yusef .

3. Francis .

4. Abdulla .


        In 1671 for some unknown reason the four children of Faro`n the

second left Khabab and went to live in Damascus.

In 1682 again they left Damascus to live in Firzel and in 1699 left Firzel

to Mashghara which is in Lebanon.


        In 1700 Iskander, Francis and Abdulla moved to Zahle and Yusef stayed

in Mashghara where he worked as a saddler.

(sarg in Arabic and the plural is srouji) and thus the name given to Yusef in

Mashghara was AL SROUJI.


        Yusef had two children JERIES AND IBRAHIM Jeries stayed in

Mashghara with his father, while Ibrahim went back to Zahle and settled there.



        Jeries left Mashghara in 1710 and settled in Tarsheeha  where in

1720 he married a girl from that village.  He became wellknown and well

respected in the Greek Catholic community there.


        Faddoul the son of Jeries married and lived all his days in Tarsheeha.  

However his son Jeries the second,  left the small village because of

persecution and hatred and moved to Nazareth in 1772 where he lived until

his death in |March of 1803.


        The children of Jeries (the second)  KHALIL YUSEF IBRAHIM


are the great great great grandfathers of most of the SROUJIS that

are scattered all over the world.


        I should mention that the heirs of Iskander, Francis and Abdulla the

sons of Faro`n the second stayed in Lebanon but we have no possibility of

knowing where they are, which family name they took and to which country

they immigrated.  Perhaps this website will help us find the missing roots of

the family .


        Ibrahim, the second son of Yusef who returned to Zahle, we are doing

our best to follow up the family branch there and hope one day to find the

right track to have all the names registered.


        I would like to take the opportunity now to give credit and say thank

you to all those who helped me directly or indirectly bring the

Family Tree up to date and build a website that will give the opportunity to all

Sroujis wherever they are to look for their roots.


        First and foremost, we must all remember Habib Mousa Srouji who

started the search for the roots in Syria and Lebanon and continued to watch

and record the family growth.   Then to his nephew Aziz Issa Srouji who took

over the follow up of the Family Tree,  followed

By Dr. Samir Yusef Srouji who continued the work for the Sroujis

in the United States and Lebanon and Anis Selim Srouji for the Sroujis of

Jordan, Israel and Palestine. Since the start of the year 2000 I have taken

over the job and continued to follow up the Family Tree and we had built a

website which included all the known names of the family members since 1570 .



Yusef Selim Srouji


Nazareth   20th. October 2005


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